In our office, we feel it’s important that our patients understand how we differ from conventional health care providers. While Dr. Qadir is a licensed medical doctor, she doesn’t limit herself to only conventional medical approaches. Instead, she combines her traditional medical education and her training in functional medicine with ongoing post-graduate education to help patients transform their lives. By understanding more about how this works, you can determine if this approach is right for you.

We understand your frustrations and the stress of not being heard.

It’s all too common that traditional physicians brush their patient’s symptoms off as “all in their head” or “the result of an unhealthy lifestyle” or “just aging.” For those who put effort into living their best life but still feel unwell, this can be disheartening. We don’t want you to feel like this, which is why your concerns will always be heard. With first-hand experience with thyroid disease, Dr. Qadir can relate to the unrelenting symptoms you’re suffering from. She listens and takes a full inventory of how you’re feeling to better address those issues.

Dr. Qadir doesn’t rest until she finds a resolution for your health issues.

Even after your appointment is over, she is on a quest to determine what she can do to better help you. From researching the latest studies to learning about previous cases, she is compelled to resolve your health afflictions so you can live a better quality of life.

Your appointments will not be rushed.

In today’s health care system, most patients see their doctor for an average of seven minutes. We do not follow this model. Our appointments are scheduled for extended lengths to ensure each patient is given comprehensive care that addresses each of their concerns. This also allows for time to provide adequate education to the patient and answer any of their questions.

We get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Rather than just focusing on what medications she can prescribe to alleviate your symptoms, Dr. Qadir looks to uncover the root causes of the symptoms. To do this, she has you undergo extensive testing that extends far beyond simple TSH blood tests. With the results from these tests, she’s able to pinpoint what has been causing your symptoms so they can be addressed in a natural and effective manner.

A doctor who has personal experience with thyroid disease.

Dr. Qadir suffered from an enlarged thyroid for years, although she was always told she was “borderline” with her TSH numbers. After receiving more in-depth care, it was discovered thyroid disease was contributing to the larger size of this gland as well as her constant fatigue and struggle with keeping warm.

It’s with this understanding that she is now able to offer truly empathetic care to her patients. She knows how difficult daily life can be when your thyroid is not working properly and wants to help you find effective ways to feel better.

A passion for helping people.

Dr. Qadir has had a strong drive to help people throughout her entire life. As a physician, she has an opportunity to do this by providing each person with the quality of care that she would want for herself. She lives by the motto “do unto others as you have them do unto you”. When you’re a patient of hers, you’ll see how dedicated she is to helping you, beginning with the very first appointment. Her love for improving lives is always apparent.

Empowering you with education and a support system.

Patients in our practice must be willing to adopt the solutions Dr. Qadir recommends to encourage healing within their body. In order to assist you, we make patient education a hallmark of our care. We take the time to teach you about your body, the issues causing problems and why we’ve recommended certain changes. In addition to this, we provide you with tools and support that you can use to achieve long-term success.

We want to see you get better and become empowered with taking excellent care of yourself.

An approach that addresses all health issues.

One of the reasons why many patients never find success with thyroid medications is because those don’t actually address what’s wrong. Other health issues, such as an autoimmune disease or a weak digestive system, could be the culprits behind the thyroid not working. To ensure we don’t leave any health issues behind, we use the most comprehensive testing and regularly update results to ensure your health is moving in the right direction.

You’re given effective solutions designed for you specifically.

One major problem with traditional health care is the fact that so many doctors use a “one size fits all” approach. This is what leaves many people in a state of deteriorating health, with no answers as to why they aren’t getting better.

At Dr. Qadir’s office, we personalize each patient’s solutions so we can work towards improving their health in a more effective manner. Each solution you’re given will be based on your dysfunctions, conditions, deficiencies, deficits, and any other health issues present. You are an individual and your health is unlike that of anyone else, so we never offer generic “one size fits all” solutions.

A doctor with a never-ending quest to learn.

During Dr. Qadir’s training at John Hopkins Hospital, she was taught the importance of doing research to better serve patients who were suffering from a myriad of health challenges. As a result, she adopted a research-minded approach to resolving complex issues. Even today she still reads many medical journals and any literature available on entire topics related to her patients. This has helped her better help each person who comes to her with health concerns.

While most people think doctors regularly continue their learning through extensive research like this, that is rarely the case. Most literature actually takes an average of 30-50 years to be adopted by physicians. This is unacceptable to Dr. Qadir, as she wants to use every ounce of knowledge out there to make improvements in the lives of her patients.

We look at your whole health so we can get a better picture of what’s going on.

To better understand how we work, we like using the analogy of the blind men and the elephant. Imagine ten blind men around an elephant, with each touching a different part of the animal. Since each individual is touching a different part of the elephant, they will have completely different image of it.

Conventional health care is the same, doctors focus only on a limited part of the patient and therefore don’t see the complete picture of an individual’s health. With Dr. Qadir’s approach, she looks at the thyroid in great detail and doesn’t stop there. She continues to look at the rest of the body so she can see the whole person.