85707790 - detox word made with wooden blocks conceptDetoxification is one of the pillars of good health. We live in a society that allows thousands of chemicals in our lawn care products, household cleaners, personal care items, food, and more. Since WWII, there have been over 85.000 synthetic chemicals registered with The US EPA (TSCA). In 1970, The Toxic Substances Control Act grandfathered 65,000 chemicals while no testing was required and no basic toxicology info was available for 43 percent of the HPV chemicals. In fact, full info was only available in about 7 percent.

Often. what happens is toxic chemicals are allowed to be on the market, and then 10-20+ years later, people will start to realize they are toxic. Take into consideration the famous Monsanto Roundup lawsuit. A man, previously a groundskeeper, was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma and sued Monsanto Roundup because he blames the herbicide for causing his cancer. And, he’s only one of many whose filed lawsuits against the company.

People are exposed everyday to various toxic chemicals and the US is behind the times. Several years behind! In 2001, The Stockholm Convention, which is adopted by 100 countries, banned or restricted 12 of the most dangerous chemicals called Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). But, guess what? The U.S. has yet to ratify this and the chemicals still persist.

The toxic chemicals that exist in our environment and our food can be dangerous to us. They could potentially harm our immune system, hormone producing glands, and nervous system. They are also carcinogenic. Because of this, it’s important to detoxify. At Innovative Health and Longevity we can teach you the proper and safe way to remove toxins from the body. We can introduce you to clean eating and help you live a healthier life.