I have seen many positive changes in my life . . .

Wendy D.
“While going through Dr. Qadir’s Innovative program, I have seen many positive changes in my life. I have lost weight and inches, started a regular exercise program, and learned to eat a diet including whole non-­processed foods. Although I felt that I had always eaten a healthy diet, I have learned to avoid some foods that cause many health problems. I have also become more aware of portions. And I find myself reading labels and learning what is the best food choice for myself and my family. Many people have asked if I get hungry or crave old food choices, I can say that I have never felt hungry or deprived. (During Detox it was challenging because we were more limited). I have learned that food choices and exercise can and will affect my health so I have chosen to continue this lifestyle change for a lifetime. I look forward to losing more weight and feeling confident and healthy.
I believe that the biggest asset to this program is Dr. Qadir. I know that Dr. Qadir cares greatly about her patients and has worked very hard to develop this program. Although she works very hard she always gives the credit to God. She is a very wonderful doctor and person. Thank you for all your care and support.”

Dr. Qadir works with you and really listens...

Lisa K.
“I have surprised my other physicians (neurologists, immunologist, rheumatologist and endocrinologist) with my health improvement thanks to Dr. Qadir.

Dr. Qadir is a brilliant practitioner, a pioneer in individualized medicine. Dr. Qadir embodies the art of medicine and the Hippocratic Oath, “First, do no harm”. Her approach is holistic, creative and always scientific.  She explains everything and one is encouraged to develop a plan together.  Dr. Qadir is careful, treating the individual, not the disease.  I highly recommend her for those suffering with symptoms that have proven difficult to diagnose or treat – she is tireless in finding what works best for each individual.

Dr. Qadir works with you and really listens. She is an excellent physician with a unique approach.  Thanks to her tenacity, my health not only stabilized, it has greatly improved.  With better health my quality of life has also improved.  For this, I have Dr. Riffat Qadir and her incredible staff to thank.  I am grateful beyond words!”

I really enjoy the passion she has . . .

Tama S.
“I am very thankful for the care and guidance I’ve received from Dr Qadir.  She has persevered through several years of testing and prescription/supplement changes to finally manage my thyroid condition and battle with fatigue.  I really appreciate the passion she has to research and invest in the best patient care she can possibly provide.”

Dr. Qadir Changed My Life!

Phillip K.
“Two years ago I met Dr. Qadir. At the time, I was suffering from horrible seasonal allergies that, despite two prior sinus surgeries (other docs), resulted in significant sinus infections in both the Spring and Fall. Additionally, I was suffering from a frightening, but never diagnosed esophageal disease that would result in food regularly becoming caught in my throat, resulting in choking episodes. As a result of regular visits with Dr. Qadir, including LDA treatment, both my sinus infections and choking episodes are things of the past. 

She and her staff have changed my life. Their concern for my entire well-being and the considerable time they are willing to invest in each visit truly make the difference between feeling better and feeling well. I am well because of Dr. Q and can never thank her enough.”

Dr. Qadir really went the extra mile in treating me . . .

Art L.
“In 2014, I had a severe sinus infection, where my sinus cavities were almost completely blocked. I also had a severe cough and constant drainage that lasted for a full year.  The cough and serious snoring caused sleep problems for both myself and my wife. I had seen two previous ENT doctors and had sinus surgery and still was not getting any better. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Qadir, after getting referred to her
by two friends. 

During the initial consultation, she diagnosed food allergies as the problem.  I told her that I had gotten tested for allergies on previous occasions and that they were always negative. Dr. Qadir retested me, found the allergies, and got me well in just a month or so. I have never had a doctor spend as much time with me as she did, and her follow up and staff were terrific. Dr. Qadir really went the extra mile in treating me. I recommend her to everyone that I talk to with sinus problems. And I now know what foods to avoid and have remained well for over a year now.”

Dr. Qadir is the “gold” standard of integrative and preventative healthcare!

Diane T.
I have been a patient of Dr. Riffat Qadir for almost two years and still rave about her holistic approach to all aspects of my health. I was quite ill, when I first saw Dr. Qadir. I had been “on and off” antibiotics for more than six months yet was not well enough to travel. 

I quickly learned she was not your typical physician. As a solo practitioner, Dr. Qadir, manages her time well by allowing herself time to think and focus on “you” as her patient. No hurried review of your file or tests. Instead she seeks to discover the underlying cause of your illness and then develops an easy to follow written treatment plan with clear instructions on next steps to begin (and continue) your journey to wellness. She treats the “whole” person using both conventional and non-traditional medicine. I completely trust her recommendations. Under her direction, my overall health has greatly improved. 
Dr Qadir’s professionalism, follow-up, and knowledge are “second to none”. She is the “gold” standard of integrative and preventative healthcare and the model others in medcine should seek to follow. I would highly recommend Dr. Qadir and the Innovative Health and Longevity team to anyone seeking to partner with their physician to improve their functional well being and optimize overall health.

If you have a story that you’d like to share from working with Dr. Qadir, please feel free to submit your information, story, and picture of your progress if it applies, via email to:  Nicole@InnovativeHealthOhio.com. We appreciate all of you who have worked so hard to meet your goals. It has been a pleasure to join you on your journey, and thank you again for sharing your story and inspiring others!