Are you ready to REVERSE YOUR DIABETES?  No more worries about neuropathy, kidney failure, amputation, and blindness!  NO MORE MEDICATIONS!

We offer comprehensive programs that are customized to you.  You are taught exactly what to eat, how to exercise optimally for reversing your diabetes and what nutrients to supplement with.   We even have a chef who can prepare your meals for you!  You will regain your health naturally and return to a normal A1C without medications.

A Healthy Body doesn’t need medications.

Here is a list of benefits our programs offer:

  • Customized nutritional supplements
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Weekly phone or E-mail support to monitor progress
  • Unlimited support to answer all your questions
  • Customized list of foods to eat and avoid
  • Complete meal plans with recipes
  • Weekly group support meeting on-line or in person.
  • Referral to a personal chef who can prepare your meals for you.

As you see, this is an all-natural, no gimmicks program designed to get you back to good health and get you off your medications, rather than “manage” your diabetes by increasing your medications.

To Schedule a Consultation Call: 330-899-0050