For many people, the process of finding effective help for a thyroid problem can be an endless cycle of Wondering:  Wondering why you don’t feel well; Wondering why your TSH labs come back normal, despite your constant suffering; Wondering why no doctor can provide you with answers.

Do You Suffer from These Typical Thyroid Symptoms? 

  • Decreased energy, fatigue
    • Weight gain or struggle to lose
    • Weight loss
    • Feel “too hot”
    • Feel “too cold”
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Dry skin and brittle nails
    • Thinning or loss of outside portion of eyebrow
    • Body temperature below 97.6
    • Hair thinning
    • Brain “fog” (trouble with learning, memory, making decisions) • Depression
    • Dislike tight collars or turtlenecks
    • Sore/tender/swollen lower neck
    • Heart palpitations
    • Constipation/gas/bloating
    • Menstrual problems – ow or irregularity
    • Fertility problems/miscarriages
    • Loss of sex drive

At Innovative Health & Longevity, we understand that this type of struggle can interfere with your life and become a major source of stress. It’s for this reason that we prioritize in- depth care that makes your concerns our concerns. Whether you’ve been suffering for months or years, we want to uncover what’s really going on with your thyroid so you can begin moving in the direction towards better health.

Our approach is simple:  listen to our patients and provide them with the care that we would want to receive ourselves.