Dr. Qadir works intensively with each of the patients that come to her for help. It is for this reason that we have a unique process for those who are interested in working with us.  This helps you to determine if Dr. Qadir’s approach is the right approach for you, and it helps her to determine if she can help you and accept your case.

If you’re interested in addressing your thyroid and health issues with Dr. Qadir, please read the passages below that explain how we work with patients. If you’re tired of being let down by the typical health care approach, it’s likely this information will only motivate you to become a part of our family.

Step 1: Attend a Presentation by Dr. Qadir

In an effort to reach as many people as possible, Dr. Qadir hosts live presentations where she discusses her approach to reversing disease and optimizing health. She goes into detail about how she works and the types of patients that are an ideal fit for her practice. For those who are not nearby or cannot attend a live presentation, we have videos online that are filled with this same information.

Step 2: Schedule a Consultation

If you are excited about our approach, we will schedule a consultation in our office where we can talk about your health in a more in-depth manner. This consultation will last for an hour and act as a “get to know you” meeting with Dr. Qadir. During this time, she will discuss your concerns, review your health history and take a detailed evaluation of how you’re feeling. In addition to this, she will take the time to discuss your health goals and what you’d like your future to look like. By the end, she will know for certain if you’re a good fit for one of her programs and the type of care she offers.

Step 3: Undergo Comprehensive Testing

If it is determined that you can benefit from our care, you can look forward to the in- depth help that we are known for providing to patients. This includes comprehensive testing, which looks at your thyroid as well as the rest of your body to uncover any health issues that are present. Testing like this goes far beyond the traditional TSH blood tests that most physicians offer, so it’s important to expect it to take more time. The labs you have done will depend on your symptoms and health in particular, as our care is customized to each individual.

Step 4: Receive Your Individual Wellness Plan

Using your health history and results from your testing, Dr. Qadir will create a wellness plan that is designed to help heal your body and restore your health. The solutions given to you may include dietary improvements, allergy control, healing an autoimmune condition, reducing stress or a wide variety of other permanent lifestyle changes.

It’s at this point when it’s more important than ever before to begin playing an active role in your health. While we will give you the tools and support needed, it’s up to you to actually make the changes that are necessary. To assist you along the way, Dr. Qadir will regularly meet with you. Over time, you will also undergo some additional tests that will provide you with evidence of how your health is improving, although you’ll likely already know because you will find your symptoms diminishing or even going away completely.

We Want to Make a Difference in Your Life

Dr. Qadir’s career has taken many turns since she first began medical school, but her heart has always been dedicated to helping people. However, not every patient wants to be helped in the same way. By using the screening process above, we’re able to ensure that we only accept individuals who will benefit from the approach that we offer. If this seems like it would be the right fit for you, we’re excited to see where our help can take you.