HeartMath is a biofeedback technique that has broad-based applications in stress reduction, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. HeartMath techniques facilitate rapid, profound, and enduring improvements in a wide variety of conditions. It is a scientifically validated way to reduce stress, and more importantly, to transform the negative emotional and physiological effects that occur when you experience feelings of stress or a stressful event. Heartmath is different from other stress relieving activities like listening to music or taking a warm bath because those activities take place after the event has passed.   By the time you wind down, you’ve already experienced the harmful, often unpleasant effects of stress. The stress hormone cortisol, for example, stays in your system for hours once it is released in to your system. High levels of stress hormones can have a serious negative impact on your physical health.  So the key appears to be learning how to transform your reaction to stress, and therefore stop the emotional and hormonal fallout that follows.