Tablet mit der Diagnose Diabetes auf dem Display

Rarely is diabetes listed as the cause of death; however, it accelerates the aging process and is the underlying cause of many chronic diseases that are deadly, including heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.  Diabetes was traditionally categorized as Type I (Juvenile Onset – affecting children) and Type II (Adult Onset – affecting adults).  Now we are seeing an epidemic of Type II Diabetes among children.

This epidemic is felt to be driven by poor diet and the lack of exercise. However, the hidden culprit is only now getting press. New research is linking toxins (including BPA in plastics) to the growing number of childhood cases of Type II Diabetes.  Type I Diabetes, an autoimmune condition in which the body mounts an immune attack on the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas, has been linked to genetic predisposition and toxins already.   Unfortunately, the toxic causes of Type II Diabetes are still not considered in the treatment of this new epidemic.

Until you understand the flaws of the drug-based system you are locked into, you will never be able to understand why you continue to suffer with Type II Diabetes (when it is often curable), take one drug after another (perhaps including insulin injections), continue to gain weight, continue to lose quality of life, and live with the fear of compli­cations.

In truth, the “complications of diabetes” are largely created by drug treatments themselves (plus the inferior if not dangerous dietary advice given to patients). There is no other disease process, in my opinion, which illustrates our nation’s healthcare woes more than diabetes.

If you have diabetes and continue to suffer with ill health related to it, if you are sick of being prescribed yet another drug, if you are seeing your life basically boil down to a struggle just to get through the day, then you are reading this at exactly the right time.

Many diabetics just like you across the U.S. have said enough. They have decided to reverse their condition. They no longer accept the sacred medicine mantra that the best that can be done for a diabetic is to swallow one drug after another in hopes of only slowing down the inevitable progression of the disease.

Discover how you too may be able to reverse your diabetes and put your health on a new trajectory.