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Western medicine has evolved much since the time of Hippocrates and it has forgotten some fundamental truths; especially the connection between diet and health, and the impact of lifestyle on subsequent development of disease. Western medicine excels at treating injuries and acute problems, but it performs very poorly when it comes to chronic disease and it seeks only to eliminate disease; ignoring the quest for vitality. The definition of health has become the absence of disease. What we call “healthcare” is really “disease-care!” We wait for the arteries to clog enough to cause a heart attack; we wait for the cancers to get large enough to cause symptoms; we wait for the joints to degenerate enough to cause pain and disability. We then use drugs that block enzyme systems and inhibit important chemical reactions in the body to mask/control symptoms. This always comes at a price – side effects; and it does not address the underlying cause. We do not focus on prevention.

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In short, it is the Practice of “Good Medicine.”